Uplifting 10ml - Flora Remedia


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Rich, Warm, Chai Scented

This delicious blend is very soothing and uplifting. It helps to energise the spirit and improve your mood.

Uplifting always brings back fond memories of Christmas time for me - delightful smells from Christmas baking and warm, fuzzy memories of childhood. Delicious!

Flora Remedia have designed infusions that combine emotion balancing flower essences with healing energy from plants, in the form of essential oils. These blends will not only work on a physical and emotional level for their specific purpose, but also function as a delightful alternative to chemical perfumes.



Roll on your pulse points as often as needed: inner wrists, temples and behind ears.

Not tested on animals;  Australian made


Flower Essences:
Olive, Hornbeam

Essential Oils:
Fractionated Coconut Oil (non scented)
Sweet Orange essential oil
Clove Leaf essential oil
Fennel Sweet essential oil
Cinnamon Bark essential oil
Cardamom essential oil
Black Pepper essential oil


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